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צור קשר

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יפה מאוד, ההודעה נשלחה



I was born in the Soviet Union in 1957, to parents who survived the holocaust. I made Aliya to Israel in 1959.
Today I am married to my loving husband and am a mother to 3 children. A son of 30 and two daughters – 28 and 20 years old.
Since I was 10 I remember myself wandering  during school recesses in fabric stores and buying interesting fabrics, attach to them lace and beads and design existing garments into a different shape.
Over the years I designed and sewn garment and home designs. For 15 years I trained groups in the combination of arts like embroidery, knitting, quilting silk painting and fabric printing. I learned the art of quilting about 16 years ago and since then I am captive under its magic.
Through the fabric I reach a new world in which I enter the fabric and create from it with the help of cutting it into small pieces and reconnecting them again. With traditional techniques and contemporary ones, a new fabric which is the beginning to a new creation which is the world in its entirety.
I am a member of the Israeli quilting Association for the last 4 years and dedicate most of my time creating quilts and in particular develop techniques which I combine into the design of garments collections.
Today and the current situation, using fabrics with the quilts techniques, are more important than ever.
These days I exhibit in shows in Israel, Europe and the USA, and the road is still long and full of surprises.

Since December 2009 Ahuva is the Chiarman of the Israeli Quilt association.

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